Uber PSN Code Generator and PSN hack | No Survey Needed!

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Finally, the Uber PSN Code Generator has Released. This generator generates PSN codes at a click of a button and no survey is needed.

Instead of survey, you just need to submit your email and boom!

As you may know, PSN, PlayStation Network is largest online gaming network by Sony. People with PlayStations need PSN account and subscription to play and compete online.

PlayStation has a wide array of online games like FIFA 16, etc. You need PSN subscription to play online which ranges from 10$ to 150$.

PlayStation is also famous for random outages and most recently it was down on new year. It was down for whole 3 hours much to the disappointment of gamers.

Looking back at history, free PSN codes first made its inception with PlayStation 2. PSN was the first attempt to take gaming online and rather a successful one. PlaySTation 2 sales skyrocketed and it is highest selling console in the history of gaming. With various titles available online, users can compete online for glory. Games like FIFA are really exciting online as users can compete with any user in the world for supremacy. Users can also win trophies in the process which in itself is worth bragging among the community.

free psn codes
free psn codes

But, free PSN codes no survey also has a rough history. A hacker once hacked PlayStation 3 running on 3.55 firmware and jailbroke it. This was a major feat as it was never possible to hack it previously. Once the jailbreak was possible, users cal side-load games and also play pirated games on their console. The hacker was then taken to court.

After this incident, Sony beefed up its security and so far, it hasn’t been possible to jailbreak PlayStation again. PlayStation has a stiff competitor Xbox. Owned by Microsoft, Xbox provides a healthy competition to PlayStation and users are always in a quandary to whether buy PlayStation or Xbox.

Xbox too has wide array of games and has some exclusives like Halo, etc.

The PSN car dis available in various denominations starting from 10$. But these expenses are recurring and it puts up a big hole in gamers pockets. So, to provide a solution, we have created a hack which helps users to generate PSN codes on the go! Users don’t need to splash their pocket money on PSN cards and instead can get it for free.

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